Mark Musselman

Co-Founder, Leadership Coach/Master Facilitator
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Described as a “rare leader who truly understands the value and strength in being open, honest and vulnerable”, Musselman facilitates conversations with individuals and teams designed to bring clarity to who they are, why they exist, and where they want to go. For Mark, this means cultivating teams that are “on purpose”, thriving and consistently creating extraordinary results.

Musselman is an experienced executive, master facilitator, and a “constructively confrontational” coach. He has served as CEO & President of two dynamically growing companies operating in different industries, facilitated several hundred multi-day strategic planning retreats for teams as small as two to as large as 24, and has coached over 250 extraordinary business leaders and top producing salespeople, demonstrating his deep commitment to personal and professional growth and excellence.

Mark has discovered how limiting patterns of belief and thinking and the actions that emanate from both, tend to get in the way of people and teams living up to their full potential. His life’s work is devoted to serving clients in the discovery of these limitations so they can shift into empowering, effective, and sustainable beliefs and thoughts that consistently generate exceptional results.

Musselman’s inspiring, unconventional, and innovative work has brought him in touch with some of the most respected leaders and companies in the world. He gets the most from individuals and teams with leaders who want more than just the status quo. Musselman prefers to also practice what he preaches, and has hired and worked with more than a dozen highly respected Executive Leadership Development Coaches that have pushed him to be a more effective and thoughtful leader.

Musselman is Co-Founder of HPT Consulting Group, one of the most innovative and effective executive coaching and strategic facilitation companies operating in the US. He is an active community member, an experienced board member actively serving on the board of several nonprofits and one for-profit organization, a volunteer athletic coach and referee, the father of 4, married, and loves his life in Colorado.