John Wittry

Co-Founder, Leadership Coach/Master Facilitator
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John Wittry has a passion for unraveling challenges so that things work, whether they are relationships, strategies, teams, people’s lives, systems and infrastructures. He believes that when things work, greater focus and energy can be spent on creating.

Wittry is described as a thoughtful leader, powerful coach and master facilitator with a gift for uncovering the heart of a matter. He leads his clients through a discovery process to identify what they want, what’s in the way of their having what they want and creating clear action steps towards attainment. With him, it isn’t just about the outcome or the goal but what learning is obtained along the path to that outcome and how to leverage it in every area of life. Wittry is often heard preaching, “learning is everything.”

An experienced follower and leader, he has served as an executive in the research, pharmaceutical and design/marketing industries. As a coach and master facilitator, Wittry has worked with senior level executives and teams in some of the most recognizable global corporations as well as private individuals and small companies. As an extension of this work he and his wife Donna also have served as relationship coaches for the past 20 years.

Wittry is committed to reinvention. When faced with an ever-changing landscape, individuals, teams and organizations must continually reinvent themselves to remain relevant, engaged and experience the possibility of ever-greater results. Reinvention requires a willingness to be introspective and embrace change. It is people with those qualities who most inspire Wittry and he relishes the opportunity to work with individuals, teams and organizations on this journey.

Wittry is Co-Founder of HPT Consulting Group, one of the most innovative and effective executive coaching and strategic facilitation companies operating in the US. He is an active community member, father of two and committed to his wife Donna. A native of Colorado, he has a passion for cycling, fly-fishing and horses.