Brent Hines

Speaker, Coach, Consultant
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Brent Hines is best known for his success as a serial entrepreneur and performance coach. Specifically, he is described most often by his expertise in increasing sales performance, creating strong leaders, and equipping teams with the necessary tools for business growth.

Brent’s philosophies are rooted in practical, yet non-traditional methods of high performance that has direct impact professionally—and personally—on day one. Brent’s guidance goes much deeper than his effective performance techniques. He first tackles self-limiting beliefs and unhealthy behaviors, which are often at the core of lackluster performance and the biggest barriers to success. Guiding clients as a trusted expert and mentor, Brent helps break through old patterns and habits, resulting in results that are most significant and meaningful.

Brent has started and still owns several successful businesses, where he actively implements and utilizes the performance philosophy he’s so well known for in his keynotes and trainings. He isn’t speaking on theory—he’s a product of the product. With his first-hand experience in business and sales performance, Brent offers a peer’s perspective when partnering with entrepreneurs, team leaders, and executives. As his clients will tell you, he is an effective listener, is genuinely interested in the people he works with, and offers actionable solutions with nurturing accountability.

Brent has the unique ability to seemingly relate to each of his clients by speaking to their specific struggles, frustrations and goals. Sharing what he coined as “load bearing truths” about the human condition, communication and the science of influence, coupled with undeniable authenticity makes him an ideal speaker, trainer and coach.

Most importantly, Brent is a husband to Amy and father to Grayson and Lily. Also, an active member and volunteer at his local church in Highlands Ranch, CO and Chairman of the non-profit Foundation for Financial Wellness which empowers thousands of individuals and organizations across the country year in and year out. In his downtime, you can find Brent either taking advantage of the Colorado outdoors or down island in the Caribbean living his passion of sailing with family and friends.