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HPT Consulting Group is a strategic facilitation and executive coaching firm driven by a passion for helping teams and leaders create a culture of communication within organizations of all sizes. Mark Musselman, John Wittry and Brent Hines have excelled as leaders of high performing organizations and teams, and trusted professional and personal coaches and they bring this experience to every challenge they encounter. The dynamic trio is uniquely equipped to lead your team through a process that takes you beyond simply defining goals and facilitates the building of healthy, intentional and functional relationships that produces exceptional and enduring results.

We study leadership for the same reason a parent studies parenting – so that those in our care will be the beneficiaries of our learning.

Mark Musselman

Co-Founder, Leadership Coach/Master Facilitator

Described as a “rare leader who truly understands the value and strength in being open, honest and vulnerable”, Musselman facilitates conversations with individuals and teams designed to bring clarity to who they are, why they exist, and where they want to go. For Mark, this means cultivating teams that are “on purpose”, thriving and consistently creating extraordinary results.

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John Wittry

Co-Founder, Leadership Coach/Master Facilitator

John Wittry has a passion for unraveling challenges so that things work, whether they are relationships, strategies, teams, people’s lives, systems and infrastructures. He believes that when things work, greater focus and energy can be spent on creating.

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Brent Hines

Speaker, Coach, Consultant

Brent Hines is best known for his success as a serial entrepreneur and performance coach. Specifically, he is described most often by his expertise in increasing sales performance, creating strong leaders, and equipping teams with the necessary tools for business growth.

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