Our Approach

High Performing Teams (HPT) Consulting Group believes that a team’s success is intrinsically tied to its capacity to communicate, trust, and respect all team members. Our three-fold framework takes your team past simply defining goals and helps your team shape how the work is defined, how relationships function, and the administrative systems upon which the foundation for success can be built. HPT uses this framework to masterfully lead teams in understanding their purpose, identifying solutions and achieving the optimum workflow for success.


The Work

A high performing team knows exactly why they exist and what they need to achieve. Our framework helps you define WHY your team does what it does, providing your team with purpose and momentum. Then, creating a strategy to achieve your goals becomes realistic and vital.



We facilitate a series of high-stakes conversations, in an open environment, for your team to address relational conflicts and issues with trust that have prohibited success in the past. By resolving these issues and defining healthy patterns of feedback, your team will function with a renewed sense of confidence.



Once your team knows where it is going and is committed to going there together, a critical step is having the systems in place to operate smoothly as an organization. Utilizing the HPT framework, your team clearly defines and acknowledges the roles and responsibilities of each team member to create a path of optimum workflow.

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